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Brand identities with soul and purpose

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Who we are

Kepha Flow is a UK-based company offering logo, brand identity, and other design services to small businesses, self-employed, and freelancers, wherever they are. 


Beyond that, we are storytellers and strategists. We believe in the power of authenticity, in creating identities that resonate on a personal level and speak volumes about who our clients are and what they stand for. With every project, we infuse soul and purpose into our designs, ensuring that each brand we craft is a true reflection of its unique story and vision. We are dedicated to fostering relationships built on trust, transparency, and collaboration because we understand that the journey of creating a brand is as important as the destination.

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What we do

At Kepha Flow we merge our background in business management with our passion for creative design to create brands that not only catch the eye but also make strategic business sense. 

We understand that a successful brand goes beyond aesthetics – it needs to resonate with its audience on a personal level, carrying a distinct voice. With this philosophy at our core, we ensure that your brand design not only stands out but also drives meaningful engagement.

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Why we do it

We know a strong visual identity is essential in the foundation of your business. Access to brand identity design shouldn’t be reserved just for bigger companies who can afford it. It is hard to stand out in a sea of competitors. We know how complicated designing a brand identity can be, especially when you’re just starting out. You can’t always afford the resources needed for it. Those limitations shouldn't stop you from having a visual identity that represents your brand and lets your customers know who you are.

So many small business owners find it overwhelming to get outside help for their brand identity design. This process often takes more money, time, and compromise than you can afford. Usually, the solution is to either use a generic logo that is not reflective of your business or doing it yourself, which is harder than it looks and still leaves you with lacklustre results. 

At its core Kepha Flow was created to support small businesses. We believe in small businesses. We want to live in a world where if you can do something well, use that skill to support yourself, and add value to your community, you should do it. And you should get all the help needed to do so. Kepha Flow is our way to help create this world.

How we can help you

At Kepha Flow, we aim to make the brand identity design process easy, fun, approachable, and affordable. We always put the client at the center of the process and work around your budget, schedule, and intention.

Some of the ways our services can help you are by:

  • Asserting your place in the market, improving your credibility and reputation 

  • Informing customers about the product/service you offer

  • Reaching your target audience and developing a loyal customer base

We offer payment plans for most of our services and we are always open to discussion so you get the fairest price possible.


Our services

Brand identity design

Set yourself apart with a visual brand identity design that tells everyone what your business is all about. An image that conveys your vision, values and message.

Social media

Create a unique online presence and increase customer engagement with custom templates for use on your social media platforms.

Stationery design

Make a lasting impression with custom print material and stationery designed in alignment with your brand identity. 

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